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Stay Wild
What's a good motto to live your life by?
I think in this day and age 'stay wild' is a pretty important one - to let your free spirit out every once in a while. Do not let it get lost, even when daily life seems to get in the way.
I've challenged myself to do one thing that makes me nervous a week. This week it was to address the niggling feeling deep down inside of me to just 'fuck it' and start blogging again.
I lost the perzazz for blogging at the end of 2013 when to be honest I lost the spark for life a little. My path took a direction I wasn't expecting and I ended up drifting for a little while.
Since then, there have been numerous times where I have sat down to write a blog post and I kept doing the criminal thing of comparing myself and my space to others, far bigger and better.
I had completely forgotten why I started blogging way back when, in the first place. Ultimately, because I enjoyed it - even though I knew my mum and boyfriend at the time were my only two readers.
So here we are - Christie's Cupboard 2.0 - I am ready to jump back in and enjoy.

Stay Wild.


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