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Does my bun look big in this?

Hair cut chop short hair
The other day I was very brave. I went for the chop...
Since as long as I can remember my hair has been 'my thing'. When I was an acne riddled teen I used it to hide behind in the form of a massive fringe. So big that it caused people to ask 'can you see under that thing?!

I used to be delighted when the question 'do you wear extensions?' was asked and seeing their faces when I responded no. 

I grew it and grew it then grew it some more - Phobic of hairdressers, shuddering when I saw more than a millimetre of hair falling to the floor. 

However, recently I've been getting a bit bored of it. Feeling like it's become more of a dead weight than an asset. Too much to do anything with. It's looked exactly the same (give or take a few dodgy dye jobs) since I was 15. 
So on Saturday to my hairdressers surprise I timidly asked her to lop it off, to just around my collar bone. Now to some that may not seem that drastic. To me this is one of the biggest changes appearance wise I've had in 10 years! 
I've toyed with the idea in the past - but always been too scared, worried that it was my hair that was my appearance, so to speak. That my hair was making me 'attractive'/'sexy'. A narrow minded, simplistic view. I usually pride myself on not giving two hoots what people think of me. I'm also aware of the fact that I'm very privileged to be able to make the choice of what to do with my hair, as many people don't. This is why the hair that I had cut off I donated to a charity that makes wigs! 
Post cut and I love it! I may not keep it forever - six months down the line it may be down to my derrière again. For now I am happy - and that's ultimately all that matters.


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