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Autumn Berry

Autumn Berry
One of the best things I've found about starting to blog again is actually exploring the areas around me.
This has lead me to discover some gorgeous little backstreets I would never have known were there, had I not been scouting out somewhere for a lovey background! With the weather getting increasingly greyer and ever more miserable having a nice background is even more important.
Here, I am wearing very autumnal shades that make me look like a little berry. I'm seeing this dusky pink shade around a lot at the moment. This little corduroy skirt was a great find from a shop I've never dared enter before - Forever 21. I always think F21 looks incredibly intimidating, it's so big and there are just too many clothes in there to ever know what rail to begin with. However, I found myself with some time to kill on Bond Street so I manned up and ventured in. If I had known quite how inexpensive the clothes were I probably would have given it a go sooner. This skirt was only £12 and I've found myself wearing it pretty much every week to work!

H&M Top New Look Jacket Zara Heels
H&M Top New Look Jacket Zara Heels
Jacket: New Look
Top: H&M
Skirt: Forever 21 (Similar)
Boots: Zara
Another item I have been living in is this New Look Borg jacket. I always seem to fall into a bit of a rut when it comes to the colder months. It almost gets to the point where you know people are starting to think you're a bit skanky wearing the same thing every day... I've worn this coat pretty much everyday for the last month. It is just so warm and cosy, that when I'm trudging to the station in the morning it's the only thing I want to be snuggled up in - it's essentially a portable duvet!
Does anyone else find themselves leaning towards the same outfits over and over again when it comes to winter? I did treat myself to some new bits with some Black Friday codes so hopefully that kicks me up the butt in terms of outfits!


  1. Super cute! I'd wear it with a cream sweater and brown knee high boots to keep warm in the Wyoming winters!

    1. I'd never thought about pairing it with knee highs! That would look gorgeous :)


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