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Pumpkin Picking

I've always said you've got to pick a pumpkin or two...
Halloween may have past us, but I believe Pumpkins are for Autumn not just for Halloween. I well and truly jumped on the bandwagon this year, and chose to seek out a pumpkin patch to have a go at picking my own. This seems to have fast become a popular autumnal activity and I can see why. I mean, did October even happen if you didn't go to a pumpkin patch?
Just a brief car journey away from me were pumpkins and squashes of all shapes and sizes to pick from. All for the same price as buying them from your local supermarket, which is nowhere near as fun. I whizzed around the farm wielding a much recommended wheelbarrow and picked my very own pumpkin!
I managed to unintentionally match my surroundings, in my cosiest of H&M jumpers and trusty Vans. I think I went a little late for all the prime pickings, as although there were lots to chose from, lots were looking a little worse for wear. Reminding me a little of the pumpkin patch scene in Stranger Things, minus a shadow monster (thankfully) and Hopper (sadly). Anyone else already having withdrawals?
Jumper - H&M (similar)
Jeans - ASOS
Shoes - Vans
Autumn is by far my favourite season (who doesn't love layering?) and Halloween is one of the best times of the year. It's when I start to feel well and truly festive. With a big, sparkling, autumnal climax happening with firework night.
A big shout out to my pumpkin picking pal!


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