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Some Achievable, slightly altruistic, Resolutions

I don’t entirely agree with the concept of New Year’s resolutions. Why do we wait until the next year to make an effort to self-improve? It gives some people the excuse to put making changes/starting something new, off. Therefore, I think it’s good to make resolutions all year round.
I also wholeheartedly despise the ‘new year, new me’ mantra that people churn out every year come January 1st. I say ‘New Year, same me. I’m just going to try and be better at texting people back…” (why is that such a struggle for me?!)
However, as New Year’s is just around the corner and we’re almost at the 2017 finish line (seriously though, where has this year gone?) I guess it IS a good a time as any to ‘tweak’ a little. I think the key to successful resolutions (New Year’s or not) is 1) be realistic 2) a limit to them. Making grand, sweeping statements like; ‘I’m going to go to the gym 5 days a week from now on’ from not going at all is just setting yourself up for abject, failure and nothing feels worse than failure.
This also means, do not eliminate entire food groups e.g. carbs or sugar. You’ll make it to January 18th at a push and feel miserable for those eighteen days. Sugar. Sugar is in absolutely everything, do you’re destined to fail. Maybe just cut down slightly; remove it from your morning tea. Skip that 3 o’clock chocolate based snack.
So here are some of my suggestions. Why focus on yourself as a resolution? Why not look to how you can help improve other’s lives instead? However preachy that may sounds. This gives you added motivation when you involve someone else.
·        Pop round your mums once a week and help her walk the dog.
·        Visit Grandad once a month and watch that film you’ve always talked about together.
·        Join that netball team that your best friend has been nagging you to do with her.
·        Look after your sister’s kids every now and then to give her the night off.
My New Year’s resolution (am I a massive hypocrite? Yes!) will be to read a book every month. This will keep my brain ticking over. It means I always have something worthwhile, to talk about for that month, either the book itself or the topics it touches upon. It burns time on my commute from Kent (assuming you don’t drive…) and I can make recommendations to my friends (how selfless!). I’m going to make it my mission to have a book in my bag at all times and instead of reaching for my phone and aimlessly scrolling through Instagram, I’ll read instead.
Just a few thoughts to finish off with; do not let failure throw you off your course of progression. Just because you fucked up, doesn’t mean you should give up. Learn from where you went wrong. If you binge on a packet of biscuits mid-week because you’re having sugar withdrawals ease yourself back into it. Just one less fizzy drink a day is still achieving something!
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Shoes - H&M (similar)
Finally, if everything does go to shit, just think, what’s wrong with the ‘old’ you anyway? You’ve managed to make it this far… I quite like the 2017 version of me anyway.


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