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False Advertising

Makeup/beauty is almost every girls g-spot. Find me a woman without at least 5 makeup products in her bag at any one time, and I'll promptly escort her to MAC to rectify that...
So here is my two cents on the seemingly divisive subject! I re-stumbled and re-chuckled over the meme:
"when women wear makeup they are basically lying to us"
"I don't see why I should be blamed for a man stupid enough to think I have gold eyelids..."
Although I laughed, it got me thinking what is it that makes guys think that ladies wearing makeup is false advertising? Is it because of the classic sentiment of men preferring women without makeup? Put to the test in a real life situation, I reckon that might not be so true. I would love an experiment where an entire club full of women go 'slap-free' and see the reaction of our tender, makeup-free loving men. It would certainly stop them from being so shallow and passing comments like 'you never know what you're going to wake up next to after a night out.'
These guys are claiming it's false advertising, yet they are fawning over and rating models and actors that just have someone professional to apply their makeup everyday!

Makeup to me is a bit of fun, I enjoy experimenting with mine. Watching YouTube tutorials (shout out to Jamie Genevieve) and creating new looks. On an evening out the eyeshadow I pick is the same as the earrings I choose. An accessory to match my outfit. I'm in no way wearing it to impress anyone. Let alone a guy. Surely the fact that women are still wearing makeup despite them gushing their makeup free preferences is testament to the fact we wear it for ourselves.
I will admit confidence has a part to play. I'm confident enough in how I look to go war paint free from time to time. However, if I do this at work, people do end up asking me if i'm ill and then avoid me as if i've got the plague for the rest of the day. I deem the makeup I wear to be enhancing what I already have. I like my eyes, so I make them stand out with mascara and eyeliner. I don't like my blemishes today so I try and hide them with a little concealer. No makeup has the power to change how we look entirely. That's why plastic surgery is so popular. It just manages to blur imperfections. They're still there, it's not a cure but it's a way to get through the day without someone incessantly staring at the pimple between your brows.

My quickest night out look I've got down to 20 minutes (mainly because I end up dancing about to good ole' Miley Cyrus (FU is an absolute banger) for about 5 of those...) and I absolutely love doing it. Girls bond over this shit, sharing shadows, teaching new contour tricks. I will admit however, it's a bloody, bitch when your mascara is running down your face, after you've got home from a night out and you realise the kebab shop man forgot the 'cheesy' part of your 'cheesy chips' order. That's a hard blow to take.T-Shirt - Amazon

Skirt - Zara
Boots - Topshop (similar)
Whilst writing this the 1D lyric 'Don't need make-up, to cover up
Being the way that you are is enough' sprung to mind. To that I say fuck off Liam. Bet you haven't the balls to say that to Cheryl have you! I'm wearing makeup for the foreseeable future.


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