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Just 5 More Minutes

I have never been and probably never will be a ‘morning person’.
 I absolutely adore the comfort of my bed. I’m a homebody and it’s my happy, safe place. I love nothing more than the clock hitting an appropriate hour (8.30pm?) and crawling into my duvet cave. I however rarely ever go to sleep before midnight and usually it ends up more like 1am. Books to read, videos of people receiving puppies to watch, salacious Daily Mail articles to scroll, you know the drill. So this means every time my alarm goes off at 7am I wince and then chastise myself for the limited and often restless sleep that I let myself get. I then of course, snooze my alarm for another 20 minutes.
A few months ago I decided enough is enough and I was going to force myself to embrace the mornings. While it is still a daily struggle and I’m not claiming to have cracked anything revolutionary, here are my tips on how to gently convince your body you’re a ‘morning person’:
Prep for your inevitably early alarm by easing yourself into a deeper sleep. Stop looking at any electronic device at least 30 minutes before you try and go to sleep. Honestly, what are you really going to miss in that time? It’s actually quite liberating. It lets your brain slowly switch off and means you have more content to consume and fill up the time of your commute. Win win! I now read before bed. This helps me relax massively and is guaranteed to make my eyelids heavy. I have a soft, warm reading lamp next to my bed, which isn’t too harsh on the eyes. However, just make sure to switch it off and put your book away before you fall asleep…
Have an alarm set for the time you actually need to get up to ensure you have a calm pace whilst getting ready. I personally need quite an aggressive alarm tone to get me up and out of bed, anything too twinkly doesn’t seem to work for me. However, set yourself an alarm to something that you’ll enjoy waking up to. It’s the first thing you will hear, so let it set you up for a good day. Also, change it every so often, this way you don’t learn to despise the song/sound and it will keep you alert. Your brain comes round quicker to new sounds. I’ve previously had 'Pharoahe Monch – Simon Says' as my alarm. ‘Simon says get the fuck up’ may be slightly too aggressive for some people at 7am! I’ve also had 'Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball' which was very motivating indeed.
To make an alarm even more effective, put it on charge or just simply leave it over the other side of your room. This forces you to get (the fuck) up and out of bed to switch it off. Then once you’re up, you’re up! It’s like ripping a particularly sticky plaster off and taking all your arm hair with it. This has probably proven to be the most effective tip for me. I put my phone right next to my bathroom door, so I switch it off, wee and turn on the shower in one fell swoop.
Finally, I always plan my outfit for the next day the night before. Sometimes I actually lay it out like my mum used to with my school uniform, but mainly I just map it out in my head. This way I don’t faff around chronically in the morning in a fuggy haze and assemble an outfit that will be questioned later in the office…
Jacket - H&M
Top - Zara
Skirt - Zara (Similar)
Boots - Topshop (Similar)
I would love to hear your tips over on Twitter and Instagram for dragging yourself out of bed in the morning as I still have a long way to go! The biggest difference I’ve noticed is that I actually feel less tired, waking up earlier and properly. Which boggles the mind but there we go!
P.S. For further tips check out this article on 'How to get more energy when you're just so tired' also super useful.


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