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Content Fatigue

Enough is enough. I’m exhausted, and no, this time I’m not complaining about lack of sleep... Content fatigue is a thing and it’s currently hitting me hard. I’ve come to the realisation that I’m trying to consume too much, sometimes all at once and it’s all consuming.
I’ve just caught myself doing it. Picture this; I’m on my lunch break, trying to fit in reading Refinery29's latest think piece on antiquated wedding traditions, whilst re-listening to the Teacher’s Pet podcast because I kept zoning out of it last night, as I was too busy try to formulate a meaningful opinion on Call Me By Your Name even though I’d only just got round to watching it (about a year too late), all whilst panicking that I missed last night’s GBBO so I won’t be able to talk to anyone at work today. AND BREATHE.
Don’t even get me started on the anxiety inducing, growing pile of books on my bedside table, the pile that one night is definitely going to topple over and dispatch me in my sleep. Books are my real weakness, my true downtime joy. Even though I’m broke I can’t stop buying them! However, recently I’ve found myself not having the time to pick up that book placed perilously at the top of the pile because I’ve got too many other things to catch up on. The reason why books get left behind is because they stand still. The story doesn’t change, and it’s not going anywhere. I can pick up The Incendiaries today or this time next year and it will have the same meaning. Online cultural think pieces and podcasts won’t. I can’t be a year too late reading about the current Xanax epidemic, the protests in Ireland against Pope Francis or Theresa May’s bad dancing as they won’t mean as much. I will have missed the moment. These stories are ever evolving and I’m desperately trying to keep up.
Ultimately, I blame Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes. The High Low is a gateway drug into the ever growing world of podcasts and I’m now addicted. True Crime is my crack. Desert Island Discs is my dirty drug secret. I can’t help myself. I go out of my way to walk everywhere just so that I can listen to a full episode of BBC’s Unpopped. I’ve nearly been flattened by cyclists because I’m so wrapped up in a heated debate about the demise of the ‘party girl’.
It’s completely overwhelming. There’s too much outstanding content out there and all so readily available. It’s not a surprise that I feel that I can’t keep up. I find myself completely missing the boat on things. Queer Eye for instance has completely passed me by as I couldn’t find time to fit it in between the other 4 series I have on the go. The Handmaid’s Tale is another. This means I’m regularly part of group conversations where I can’t have any input because I haven’t got round to watching it just yet.
From now on I’ve decided I’m only going to consider other people’s recommendations if they truly appeal to me. Despite rave reviews from my brother, Dad and friends I know Westworld is just not for me. An amazing cast (hello James Marsden and Evan Rachel Wood) and trippy plotlines ain’t going to change that. I’m going to stop watching/listening/reading things just to be part of a conversation because it’s gruelling. I find myself sometimes doing things just for appearances anyway, Love Island I’m talking about you. I watched it for the first time this year essentially to be part of conversations for the 8 weeks it was endured by the nation. Just thinking of what else I could have done with the 66 hours of my life I spent watching Love Island, makes me squirm.
What I’m taking from this is that I need to learn that it’s okay to give up on something. It should never be deemed as a failure if you’re not getting anything from it. Life is too short to see something through if you’re not really enjoying it, even if everyone else is. You wouldn’t date someone that your mother likes but you find distinctly average, so why should you endure The Revenant just because Leo won an Oscar?
It’s actually really refreshing to hear someone say that they stopped reading their book because they didn’t enjoy the writing style, or that they found the protagonist too narcissistic to relate to. These are the opinions that start the real, interesting debates. I respect that person far more for knowing when to stop, than grinning and bearing Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine because their colleague loved it.
Who is with me? I’m pushing back on the sometimes crushing amount of content and being as picky with it as I am in other aspects of my life. If I can live my life not eating tomatoes I can live my life not watching The Office. Ja Feel?


  1. I love this so much!! It is so easy to get caught up in EVERYTHING and then constantly feeling like you'll never be able to do "enough". I'm learning the same lesson and it's not easy to reel yourself back in sometimes, but it's so worth it. Thank you for this, seriously. ❤


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